(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) What is a generator?

A) A generator (in this context) is a device that creates (randomly) a description of the specified creature or person.

For example, a Horse Generator will create a detailed description of what a horse would look like.
A Warrior Cat Character Generator will create a detail description of what the cat would look like along with some personality traits.

The best way to find out what one is is to just try one. Refresh the page (or click the button if the page has one) for different descriptions.

Q) What exactly is all that information around the Adoptable in the Adoption Area?

A) It is the adoptable statistics and general info. At the bottom of the FAQ is a visual explanation.

Q) Can I suggest a new breeding pair in the Adoptions Section?

A) You can make a suggestion if the following guidelines are met:

- Both cats are adults (not babies)
- Both cats have not been recently bred (listed in adoption area, will have the date of when they were bred)
- Both cats has not already been bred with each other (no repeat breedings, listed in adoption area)
- Both cats are unrelated (no breeding babies with parents or siblings)
- Do not give me specifics unless you believe it is extremely important (even if you give specifics and
     have extremely good reasons for me to use them, they may not be used).

Be aware that not all requests/suggestions will be used. If your suggestion is used, it may not be made available
in a timely manner (I've got a life too, you know). Be aware that you will not be listed as the suggester as there will
be no such listing.

Q) How do I suggest a breeding pair?

A) If you've followed the rules listed above, then you can contact me via the form on the Contact Me page, via email (also found on the Contact Me page), or via PM on ChickenSmoothie (Little Island). Please make sure to list the Names of the two cats you are suggesting (found under the Adoptable's image). Also, please set the Subject to Suggestion.

Q) Can I suggest a new first-generation/single cat (not a breeding pair)?

A) No. I may take requests later, but at this time only I am creating the single cats.

Q) Can I get a Custom Pet?

A) No. I have no intentions of doing that, ever.

Q) It's my birthday and I want a pet! Can I get one?

A) No. No. No. Stop emailing me. Stop PMing me. Stop contacting me about this.

Q) Where is the breeding information?

A) If a cat has been bred, that information (which cat it was bred with and the resulting kittens) will be listed under the
image of the cat in question in the Adoption Section.

How to Read an Adoptable's Information

1. The adoptable's current image.
2. The adoptable's Name, Birthday, and Generation number.
3. The web (HTML) code. Use this on web pages or forums that use/support HTML.
4. The forum code. Use this on most forums and other sites that use [ ] tags.
5. The adoptable's breeding status (if they are able to breed) and whom they have bred with.
6. The adoptable's offspring (linked to the generation page that corresponds to the offspring's generation number).

Have a question not listed here?
Feel free to contact me via the info on the Contact Me page!

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